Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Long-term experience. Significant state and municipal projects throughout Latvia.  Customer’s trust. Competent and industry-recognized professionals. Experience working with NATO standards.


  • Construction supervision of streets, roads and highways,
  • Construction supervision of runways, taxiways and aprons,
  • Construction supervision of helipads,
  • Construction supervision of parking lots, recreation areas and squares,
  • Construction supervision of bridges, overpasses and pedestrian bridges.




Reconstruction of Gerberu Street sports area in Mārupe 2018.
Construction supervision of reconstruction of Juglas and Biķernieku Street intersection, Riga 2017.
Construction supervision of reconstruction of State Segional Road P20 “Valmiera-Cēsis-Drabeži” section km 29.52 – 39.73 2017. – 2018.
Reconstruction of Gaujas Street from Krāsotāju Street to Atmodas Street in Smiltene 2017. – 2018.
Construction supervision of works at “Ādaži National Training Centre” in Kadaga, Ādaži Municipalty 2016. -2018.
Reconstruction of Lielā Street from Daibes Street to Kārļa Ulmaņa Avenue 2015. -2016.
Reconstruction of road A2 “Riga – Sigulda – Estonian border (Veclaicene)” (both carriageways), section km 15,4 – 25,50. Bridge construction supervision 2015.
Construction supervision of reconstruction of road A12 “Jēkabpils – Rēzekne – Ludza – Russian border (Terehova)” section km 83,00 – 96,60 2015.
Riga International Airport Terminal Expansion Project Phase 5 – Phase 1 of Construction of the North Pier. Construction supervision 2014. – 2015.
Construction supervision of various infrastructure projects at Riga International Airport 2013. – 2015.
Construction supervision of reconstruction of road E22 section Tīnūži – road P32 (road P80 km 5,12 – 40,6) 2012. –  2013.
Construction supervision of the construction of the East Highway intersection with Gaujas Street (the continuation of the existing traffic transmission at Vairoga Street) 2014.
Construction supervision of works on Southern Bridge (from Bauskas Street to Ziepniekkalna Street) 2012. – 2013.
Reconstruction of Auce city transit streets (Raiņa Street and Vītiņu Street) 2011.

SJSC Riga International Airport

Within the framework of the infrastructure development project, several objects were reconstructed, and new construction was carried out.

We designed several of these objects (see section “PROJECTS“) and carried out author`s supervision.

Construction supervision was also carried out at several airport infrastructure facilities, such as:

– reconstruction of the runway pavement;
– reconstruction Apron 2 and Apron 3;
– construction of Taxiways E and D;
– construction of northern and southern de-icing/anti-icing pads.

In 2014 and 2015, Riga International Airport was expanded, and The North Pier was built (Terminal Expansion Project Stage 5). Construction supervision of transportation infrastructure within the project was carried out by LLC “PRO VIA”.

A new stormwater drainage system was built. An approach lighting system was modernized, taxiways were equipped with a lighting system in accordance with CAT II. Reinforcement and strengthening of the runway strip and runway end safety area.


Riga Airport infrastructure objects:


Construction supervision of reconstruction of Apron 2 2014.
Stormwater drainage within the territory of the Business Park around the northern end of the runway 2014.
Installation of CAT II lighting system on taxiways 2014.
Construction of rapid exit Taxiway D 2014.
Construction of Taxiway E 2013.
Reinforcement of the runway strip and strengthening of the runway end safety area 2014.
Renovation of the runway pavement 2014.
Construction supervision of southern de-icing/anti-icing pad 2013. – 2014.
Construction supervision of reconstruction of Apron 3 2013. – 2014.
Construction supervision of northern de-icing/anti-icing pad 2013. – 2014.